Paul Collins, The Great Ferret Race, Price: $12.95 Australian dollars, without shipping costs. Reading level: Ages 9-12, Paperback - 160 pages, First published 2001, ISBN: 0 7344 0272 4, Dimensions in inches: 0.49 x 11.62 x 4.00 , Cover and text illustrations by Craig Smith, Publisher Lothian & Co, Thomas C. Lothian Pty Ltd, 11 Munro Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia,, The author's website: While gearing up for the race, Kazuo's beloved ferret Ferbie meets a sticky end. Kazuo is distraught until his parents give him two new ferrets, Ruff and Tumble, and he has to train them super fast!
John H. Lewington, BVetMed MRCVS, Ferret Husbandry, Medicine & Surgery A very complete book!
First edition Butterworth and Heinemann Publishing, September 2000
Second edition Elsevier Health Sciences, 04 May 2007
- Contributions from ferret experts around the world provide the most up-to-date information on this increasingly popular animal
- Discusses differences in clinical practice throughout the world and provides practical tips and clinical scenarios for effective practice
- An essential text for the small animal practitioner and ferret enthusiast alike
Readership: Practising veterinarians; small animal clinicians; ferret owners
PART 1: HUSBANDRY: Classification, history and current status of ferrets; External features and anatomy profile; Accommodation; Nutrition; Reproduction; Handling and medication;
PART 2: MEDICINE: Viral, bacterial and mycotic diseases of ferrets; Diseases of internal organs; Diseases of the ferret ear, eye and nose; General neoplasia; Endocrine diseases;
PART 3: SURGERY: Anaesthesia and radiology; General surgery; Ferret vasectomy and orthopaedic surgery; Ferret emergency techniques
Book details: ISBN: 9780702028274 (0702028274), Country of publication: United Kingdom, Format: Paperback, Pages: 536 pages, Height: 189mm, Width: 246mm, Weight: 1139g, colour plates, halftones and line illustrations
Geoff Smith, Guide to Keeping Ferrets 1992. - ISBN 0 646 08805 X published by SA Ferret Association.

Louise Evans, Animal Friends and a Ferret Named Toots. 1989. - ISBN 0969395108 (Richmond, B.C.): Royburn Pub. (fiction)
Manon Paradis, Vous et votre furet. 1989. - ISBN 2-7619-0818-X Les Éditions de l'homme.
Manon Tremblay, Le Furet - ISBN 2-8904-4672-7 Quebec: 2000, Le Jour Editeur - French language, 150 pages, illustrated, made by a veterinarian specialist about ferrets.

Books in the Czech language
Petra Nerandzicová, Bydlí s námi fretka, publisher Fragment 1999, ISBN 80-7200-361-5, 32 pages, many photos, price 69,- CKZ (pet ferrets for children)
Petra Nerandzicová, Fretka jako domácí zvíre, publisher Vašut 1999, ISBN 80-7236-103-1, 72 pages, 25 photos (colour), 26 illustrations (BW aquarelle), price 99,- CKZ (about pet ferrets, you can see it on
Lenka Skoupá, Fretka, publisher Dona 1998, ISBN 80-86136-13-2, 95 BW pgs, price 75,- CZK (more about ferrets kept outside)
MVDr. Jirí Svoboda, Problematika chovu a chorob fretek, Ceský Tešín 1998, ISBN 80-902533-0-X, 57 BW pgs, price about 75,- CZK (veterinary handbook)

Olivier Laurent, Les furets Paris: Éditions de Vecchi, 1997. - ISBN 2-7328-2535-2
Meignan-Falconnat (Laurence) Le furet : nouvel animal de compagnie - 1992 : Université Lyon 1 - Médecine vétérinaire/espčces diverses - n° d'identification 92LYO1V108. It's written by two French veterinarians in the nineties, one wrote about ferrets as laboratory animals in 1990 and the other wrote about ferrets as pets.
Le Furet. Elevage, Dressage, Chasse au lapin de Garenne. Reglementation, Bibliotheque des Connaissances Indispensables à la Ville et à la Campagne. Ancienne Maison Delarue Guy Le Prat, Editeur, Paris 1942.

Books in the German language
Karin Choukair, Frettchen als Haustiere - ISBN 3-927810-03-7
6th edition 1997, 104 pages, 100 full cloured photos
book aviable via internet
Peter Hentschel, Frettieren - ISBN 3-927810-01-0
Prof. Dr. Konrad Herter, Iltisse und Frettchen
Silke Thate, Betty und Barny - Die lustigen Abenteuer zweier Frettchen (Betty and Barny, The cheerful adventure of two ferrets), ISBN-Nr.3-89906-127-6, publishing company Verlag Videel, OHG 25899 Niebühl, Schmiedestraße 13, Germany, E-mail- or Webpage- or in the page"> 'Tiere'
Silke Thate, Betty und Barny-die Abenteuer zweier Frettchen gehen weiter ISBN-3-939144-56-8 (Betty und Barny- The continueing adventures of two ferrets) is aviable via internet, and
You can order the book as well from the authoress in the Website or

G. Licciardelli Manuali Hoepli, Il Furetto Allevamento e ammaestramento Milano (1905 ?)

Peter Bosman, De fret - ISBN 90-5266-074-3
J. Moorman-Roest en J.T.Lumeij, Diergeneeskundig memorandum, Diergeneeskundige aspecten van de fret als huisdier - D.M.34e jaargang No.2 -1987
Piet van Zalinge, Het frettenboek - ISBN 90-802298-3-0

The Brithis small animal veterinary association's manual of exotic pets, Edited by P.H. Beynon and J.E. Cooper
Jackie Drakeford, Working Ferrets: Techniques for Succesful results - 128 pages, 52 photographs and 11 line drawings - Paperback 1 85310 804 9 Airlife Publishing.
Maggie Lloyd, Ferrets, Health, Husbandry and Diseases Blackwell Science, published: Oxford April 1999 - ISBN: 0-632-05178-7, price: Ł24.99, pages: 200, Illustrations: 25, inc. colour section, Format 234 x 156 mm (9.21 x 6.14 inch), Binding: paperback James McKay, The ferret and ferreting handbook The Crowood Press, Ramsbury 1989 - ISBN 1-85223-180-7
James McKay, Complete guide to ferrets Swan Hill Press 1995 - ISBN 1 85310 433 7
B.D. Plummer, Ferrets Boydell Press 1993
B.D. Plummer, Modern ferreting ISBN 0 85115 083 7, St. Edmundsbury Press, Suffolk
Val Porter and Nicholas Brown, The complete book of ferrets D.&M. Publications, Bedford 1993 - ISBN 0-7207-1592-X
Fred J. Taylor, Guide to ferreting Fountain Press Ltd. 1988 - ISBN 0-907675-79-4
Graham Wellstead, Davind & Charles, Exeter, Ferret and ferreting 1989 (Fifth Ed.) - ISBN 0-86622-998-1

Judith A Bell, DVM, The pet ferret owner's manual Miracle Workers 1995 - ISBN 0-9646477-2-9 PB - 0-9646477-1-0 LB
Dr. Susan Brown D.V.M., Most common health problems of the pet ferret and preventative health care for the ferret Handouts
Dr. Susan Brown D.V.M., Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents - ISBN 0-7216-4023-0
Gerry Bucsis and Barbara SomervilleTraining Your Pet Ferret
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., October 1997, ISBN # 0-7641-0093-9,
Helena Chung-Hawks, Round with Peekie Petie a childeren's book about the pet ferret called Nosin. - Legendary Publishing, Boise, ID. - ISBN 1887747125 - It also can be ordered by calling (number of the US) 800-358-1929. Juvenile Literature
Barbara Dana, ill. by Eileen Christelow, Zucchini NY: Harper & Row, 1982, 122p. ISBN 006213949. Juvenile Literature
Barbara Dana, ill. by Lynette Hemmant, Zucchini Out West NY: Harper Collins, 1997. ISBN 0060248971; ISBN 0060248984 Juvenile Literature
Jay and Mary Field, A step by step book about ferrets - ISBN 0-86622-4629
James G. Fox, Biology and diseases of the ferret - Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, ISBN 0-8121-1139-7. Especially for veterinarians.
A.R.Harding, Ferret facts and fancies
Lilo Hess, Time for ferrets - ISBN 0-684-18788-4
Deborah Jeans, A Practical Guide to Ferret Care 2nd edition 1996, 176p., ill. - ISBN 0-964-2589-1-9
Sylvia A.Jhonson, Ferrets Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books, 1996. ISBN 1575050145. Juvenile Literature
Deborah Kovacs, ill. by Joe Mathieu, Brewster's Courage NY: Simon & Schuster, 1992, 104p.. ISBN 0671740164. Juvenile Literature
Bobbye Land, Your Outta Control Ferret, copyright 2003 T.F. Publications, ISBN # 0-7938-2931-3 A book which is great for ferret owners that want to troubleshoot any problems that could arise
Michael McBrier, ill. by Sims Blanche, Oliver and the Amazing Spy Mahwah, NJL Troll Associates, 1988, 91p.. ISBN 0816711437; ISBN 0816711445
C. Morton and ("Fox")E. Lynn, Ferrets. A Complete Pet Owners Manual Mahwah, Barron's Educational Series, New York 1995 - ISBN 0-8120-2976-3
Greg Ovechka, Ferrets a new pet - ISBN 0-86622-622-2
Adele Porch, Your first ferret - ISBN 0-86622-115-9
Kim Schilling, Ferrets for dummies, (A Reference for the Rest of Us!), IDG Books Worldwide, published in 2000, ISBN 0-7645-5259-7, price $19.99 US dollars, pages:178, several photos, format: 232 x 186 mm / 9.15 x 7.32 inch. The book is an informative and entertaining guide for prospective, novice and experienced ferret owners alike. Webpage: Ferrets for dummies
Mary R.Shefferman, The Ferret: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet NY: Howell Book House, 1996. ISBN 0-87605-498-X., 5½ by 8½, color photos, 126p, $12,95.
Fara Shimbo, The ferret book
Fara Shimbo, The behavior of the domestic ferret
Jean Taylor, Succes with Ferrets a guide. St. Petersburg FL, Palmetto Publishing ompagny, 1977
Pamela , Troutman, The Fairfax Ferret A childeren's book about a boy adopting a ferret, it getting lost, and the steps he took to find it.
- ISBN 0-8062-5369-X Juvenile Literature The book is 9.95, plus 3.50 American dollar S&H for the first book, and an extra .25 cents for each additional US book postage or 1 American dollar for non-US addresses for each additional book. Checks must be in US funds and through a US bank, otherwise, a money order needs to be sent.
Since my quantities are limited, I am unable to offer any discounts. Send a check and note to Pamela Troutman, c/o PO Box 1832, Springfield, VA 22151-0832
Dr. W. Winsted, Ferrets Publications, Neptune City 1989 - 128 pages, 90 full colour illustrations - ISBN 0-87666-930-5 - ISBN 0-86622-829-2
Dr. W. Winsted, Ferrets in your home Publications, Neptune City 1990 - ISBN 0-86622-988-4

Frettchen Club Berlin, Frettchen, Germany
Stichting de Fret, De Fret, the Netherlands
Scottish Ferret Club, About Ferrets, Scotland
Lena Andersson S.T.I.F., Tam Illern, Swedish Ferret club, Sweden
F.A.I.R., An Owners Guide to Ferret Health Care Ferret Adoption, Information and Resque, U.S.A.
Ferret unity & registration Org. Inc, The Furo Book of Ferrets, U.S.A.
Ferret unity & registration Org. Inc, Furo Ferret Show Standards & Rules, U.S.A.

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