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With a full membership of the W.F.U. and W.F.I.C. the International Ferret Newsletter will be sent to you four times. A membership costs $16 or 16 and it is possible to become a member for a longer period by just multiplying the fee for the amount of years you want to be a member.
To become a member you have to send
-an American Express Traveller Cheque for 15 or 30 US-Dollars, please don't forget to countersign Malta-c (5K)
- or sending the money by (registered) post is also possible
Send it with your name and address to:

Sabine van Voorn
Dorpsstraat 35
9699 PB Vriescheloo
The Netherlands         WFU@telfort.nl

Members can book their contribution to an international bank accout of the WFU: NL98BUNQ2290978930. The bank code is BUNQ and the SWIFT-code is: BUNQNL2A

- It's possible for members in the U.S.A. to pay their contribution (15 US dollars annually or 30 US dollars for two years) to Pat Wright. Pat Wright will forward all funds to the WFU on one monthly international money order. You can send a cheque to; Pat Wright, P.O.Box 3395, San Diego CA 92163 U.S.A.

- The members in the Netherlands can book their contribution (15 Euro annually or 30 Euro for two years) into the bank account NL98BUNQ2290978930 at Bunq in the Netherlands.

When you pay the contribution, please remember to mention that the money is meant for the WFU and send your name and address to Sabine van Voorn
Clubs are welcome to exchange newsletters instead of paying, provided that we may use interesting information for our newsletter. We will give proper credit to the author and the newsletter from which it came.

Ordering old issues is possible. They cost 2 American dollars or 2 each and you can send the money as above.
Donations are also very welcome and can be sent as above.

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